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17th November '07

Compare Books with cDVDs.co.uk

What do you do with your old CDs and DVDs? Whatever you do, we hope you don't throw them in the bin!
Read our new 'Recycle CDs' feature now.

Welcome to cDVDs.co.uk

Compare the prices of DVDs, CDs, Books and Games online with cDVDs.co.uk. We go to over 40 retailers on a daily basis to ensure you get the very best price. Whether you are looking for Cheap Books for the train or the latest Dr Who boxset you can be sure to get the best price.

We go to over 40 retailers

Want to get started? - simply select which product category you wish to compare either from the left hand navigation, or by clicking on the individual picture below.

Cheap DVDs   From Abba to Razorlight   Cheap Books

You can always be sure that you're getting the cheapest price for DVDs and DVD box sets.

From ABBA to Razorlight and everything in between. Whatever the genre!
Need a new book for the train journey to work? or perhaps something for the poolside.
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Games Consoles   HD DVD   Blu Ray Disc
We feature games and games consoles including the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360
Got an HD player? Why not check out the most popular HD DVDs now!
Compare Blu Ray DVD prices with ease. We go to over 40 retailers!
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Why compare with cDVDs.co.uk

Whilst many traditional retailers have migrated online to sell DVDs, Books, CDs and Games the competition has become intense.

This has led many retailers including HMV, Play and CD WOW to fiercely compete on price, which means that we, as customers, can benefit from lower prices - providing of course you check prices properly!

cDVDs.co.uk is perfectly placed to compare the market for Books, DVDs, CDs, Games and Games Consoles.

Unlike other websites, we also include the prices of Postage & Packing to ensure you truly get the best price, so in addition to saving you time when comparing prices, we can also save you a lot of money.

So whether you wish to compare DVDs, Books, CDs or Games, you can be sure to find the best price at cDVDs.co.uk

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