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cDVDS.co.uk is an independent comparison website run by a web developer based in sunny Brighton on the south coast of England called Simon, whose has a passion for live music, quality films and low prices.

"Having been frustrated with paying too much for DVDs and being drawn in by the many susposedly 'special' offers of many traditional high street retailers I wanted to create a impartial resource where everyone could compare the prices from a wide range of retailers and get the best price - instantly".

Whilst the comparison service is free to use, the site derives a small commission from the retailer for each item that is purchased. This commission helps to maintain the website and ensure it is updated daily with accurate prices and quality features.

Clicking on these affiliated links as well as the adverts will not cost users anymore, as it is a contribution paid by the website you visit.

As our partnership with the numerous retailers including HMV, Argos, Play.com and BangCD (to name but a few) continues to mature, I hope to widen the features available to our users, and offer discount codes and prizes.

Should you wish to make a recommendation or simply wish to say hi,
do not hesitate to get in touch.

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