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There's no excuse for Turkey Twizzlers
Whether your culinary skills stretch only to watch channel 4's Come Dine With Me, Ramsey's F Word, Hells Kitchen with Marco Pierre White - or one of the other numerous cookery shows hosted by Ramsey, Smith, Oliver, Floyd, Harriot, Lawson or Rhodes- you can be sure to be inspired by the wide range of quality cookery books currently on the market.
The following titles - which you might also recognise from their equally popular TV shows - have been chosen on the basis of their quality, and as ever you can compare their prices, simply by clicking on each of the book covers.
Jamie at Home: Cook your way to the good life

Jamie Oliver's latest offering 'Jamie at Home' is an excellent hardback of no nonsense cooking with a distinct focus on self-sufficiency and sustainability.

There is a strong aroma of the cottage garden where ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced which springs to mind the phrase 'cooked simply, this is the way food ought to taste'.
As you would expect from an Oliver title, 'Jamie at Home' features some exceptional photographs and illustrations from his accompanying television series.

Jamie at Home: Jamie Oliver

Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life
No nonsense, accessible - Pukka!

Nigella Express: Nigella Lawson

Nigella's sex appeal (albeit maternal) oozes from this title like the warm chocolate from her sensational chocolate and pear tart. But now we have got that out of the way we can focus on the fabulous fast food featured within this celebrity chef's latest title.
Nigella Express emphasises the notion of friends or your extended family popping around unexpectedly and you having to cook for them. Whilst this would usually evoke panic or a reach for the take away menus, Nigella offers a range of simple to cook larder friendly recipes.

As you would expect from Nigella, many of the recipes verge on comfort for those colder evenings, but we love it when Nigella sneaks down to the fridge for a midnight snack!

Nigella Express
Nigella Express
Verdict: Family Friendly and Fabulous

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes:

With his poetry, story telling and the late Chalky (his sidekick Jack Russell) Rick Stein is not the most conventional of celebrity chefs, and indeed the term celebrity seems ill placed when discussing both his cookery series and his latest offering 'Mediterranean Escapes'.

Stein, famed for his obsession with quality seafood, is back with over 100 new honest and wholesome recipes from travels around the med during his BBC series.

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes:
Very tasty
Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes
Cook Yourself Thin: Harry Eastwood et al.

Whilst the title - and indeed the cover illustration - would suggest that one could get away with eating chocolate smothered cup cakes and still lose weight, I think some perspective is needed.
The key factors however, that are emphasised both on the accompanying television show and the book are will power and the ability to make choices between the traditional option and the healthy one. Forget roast vegetables, try steaming them instead - and ditch the white chocolate, which is rich in cocoa butter, and go for some bitter dark chocolate.

Although this is not our favourite title, in terms of the recipes included it does deserve merit for evoking thought in our meal decisions, which means less time is required at the gym!

Cook yourself thin

Thought provoking

Cook yourself thin
Gordon Ramsay: Recipies from a 3 Star Chef

Covering two chapters, Recipes from a 3 Star Chef is divided into recipes he would cook within his restaurant including his signature Lobster Ravioli, Corn Reared Beef Fillet with Marrow Crust, Ginger Mousse and a Bitter Chocolate Cylinder with Coffee Granite - each described as 'sublime'.

The second of which has a more domestic feel, with step-by step instructions of over 50 classic recipes so you to can create them. Don't be scared by this title, as it will really get the fire burning inside you.

Gordon Ramsey
Truly Inspirational
Gordon Ramsay
Real Family Food: Tana Ramsay

Real Family Food, promises far fewer amounts of swear words in comparison to husband Gordon and features a excellent range of easy to follow recipes and family favourites including braised red cabbage with vinegar, fairy cakes with pink icing, homemade bagels and sticky 'grandmas bones' ribs
Whilst this title appeals to the novice - or those wishing to brush up on their skills - it just doesn't get the juices flowing like Gordon's more complicated titles.

Tana Ramsay - Real Family Food
Entry level family grub
More Info
How to cook the perfect: Marcus Wareing

Ever wanted to know how to cook the crispiest roast potatoes? Or how about the most fantastic custard tart?

Trained by Gordon Ramsey, and awarded two coveted Michelin stars, you really cannot learn from a more qualified teacher than Marcus Wareing. So get the practise in before Christmas, and your Sunday roasts, to name but a few of the recipes, will soon become, in a word, 'perfect'.

How to cook the perfect - Marcus Wareing
Perfect food, perfect.
How to cook the perfect
Rachel's Food for living: Rachel Allen

From sesame fish goujons with minted mushy peas, sensational cheesy soda bread and proper pork and mushroom pie Rachel's food for living is every bit the comfort food bible.

Offering family friendly recipes including adults pavlovas and cheesy pasta bakes Rachel's Food for Living seeks to evoke childhood memories, albeit, as both the book and her popular Saturday morning BBC series would suggest Rachel's childhood memories!

Rachel's Food for Living
A trip down memory lane
Rachel's Food for Living
Best of the rest:

Holiday: Bill Granger Food, Wine and Friends - Fiona Beckett
Saturday Kitchen Cookbook - Various
Gino D'acampo - Fantastico
First Crack Your Egg Indian Food Made Easy

The prices for all of the titles featured within this page can be compared simply, quickly and comprehensively simply by clicking on each respective title - and remember the saying 'Live to eat, don't eat to live!'


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