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What do you do with unwanted CDs and DVDs? Do you pop them in a cupboard to gather dust, donate them to charity, throw them in the bin, or do you recycle them?

We first read about a new range of recycling services enabling unwanted or damaged CDs to be recycled on the Friends of the Earth website, whereby both the jewel case and the disc itself can be recycled. The jewel cases are granulated and then fed through an extrusion system - fitted with laser filters that remove contaminants - which produces high quality polystyrene pellets that can be used for new packaging, insulation foam or artificial wood.

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The discs themselves are granulated, blended and compounded into high quality injection moulding polycarbonate that has a variety of uses, including as part of burglar alarms, street lights and motorway traffic lenses.

The whole process is set to reduce the use of landfills - previously the only way to dispose of unwanted CDs - by around 2500 tonnes a year, which in turn reduces the amount of energy used in the manufacture of new materials, thus helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. So rather than throwing away your old CDs and DVDs, why not recycle them and help avert climate change?

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Companies including Polymer Reprocessors and London Recycling offer CD recycling services, where you simply have to post your wanted titles to them and they'll recycle them for you. You might even like to set up a collection point at work?

Now, we understand that getting your CDs and DVDs to these organisations can be tough and - with reference to the postage rates - expensive. So for all your unwanted (working) CDs and DVDs you may want to consider donating them to your local charity shop. Not only will you avoid adding to the landfill, but you will also contribute funds to the charity.

But, you might ask yourself 'what else can I do with my unwanted CDs and DVDs?' To which we have a further ten unhelpful tips.

 1. Attach an old CD to a ruler and you've got a fly swatter
 2. Use old CDs to make Christmas tree decorations
 3. Use them as mini Frisbees
 4. Use them as wedges under a wonky table leg
 5. Use them for karate board-breaking demonstrations
 6. On frosty mornings, use them as ice scrapers
 7. Sew some to a vest to make it bullet proof *
 8. Use them as clay pigeons for target practice
 9. Donate them to a mortuaries for use as toe tags
 10. Give them away to 'trick or treaters' at Halloween

* Please note, the vest will not actually be bullet proof.

If you are however serious about the environment and want to recycle your CDs and DVDs, you can find out more information from the following companies.

Polymer Reprocessors Ltd, winners of the Tony Bonner Environmental Business of the Year Award, developed their unique 100% recycling process for surplus non-biodegradable stock CDs and CD-ROMS after an initial 2-year research and development period and is now accepting domestic submissions for recycling. A certificate of destruction can also be issued by arrangement for a small fee, should your CD contain sensitive information.
You'll have to pay for postage, but they'll take care of the rest. Simply send your unwanted CDs and DVDs to:

Polymer Reprocessors Limited
Peninsula Business Park
Reeds Lane
CH46 1DW
Tel: 0151 707 3684

But if Wirral is a little bit further from home, then London Recycling also offer a range of recycling services including specialist items such as music and writable CDs and their plastic cases. They supply purpose-designed boxes made from recycled cardboard for the on-site collection of CDs prior to collection by London Recycling. This can be to a fixed schedule or on an ad-hoc basis. For more details, contact:

London Recycling
Tel: 020 7511 8000
Fax: 020 7511 3785
Email: recycle@london-recycling.co.uk

Keymood, based in Ross-on-Wye offer recycling of electronic and IT equipment and consumables, including CDs and DVDs. You can contact them on the following.
Tel: 01989 566288
Fax: 01989 566977
Email: recycle@keymood.co.uk
Recycle CDs - the possibilities are endless If you know of another great CD recycling company or resource that you would like to recommend, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will happily add it in to this page.


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